Sunday, July 8, 2012

15. Overnight camping on horseback BECAME Ride in a parade

So I know I'm going to be able to do overnight camping on a horse real soon but not before my birthday this Friday. But I have also always wanted to ride in a parade and I got that done at the Arivaca Independence Day Parade on Wednesday! It was fun and about 4 blocks long! :) Maybe next time I'll get to do a bigger parade!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

9. Own a car

May 8th-Red Subaru Outback 1997-75,000 Miles. Great car! Goodbye Passat, you've been a great ride!

Hello to my new ride!

30. Learn to sail a boat

Here's pictures for now, I'll tell you the story later.

2. Go snowmobiling BECAME Flying

This was a great substitute! Since I missed the winter sport of snowmobiling, I determined that substituting it out for another large machine....say, an airplane...would count. I did this one with Rachel Schultz, who had a dream after my own of flying. It was so much fun! June 7th we headed out to the Logan Airport and paid a fee to have instructor Tom take us up for an hour. Rachel flew up front at first but then we landed and switched places and I got to take off! I did about 80% of the flying while I was in the front seat and it was great! I even got to land the airplane with little help from the instructor. I did get a little queasy during the flight but they say that wears off. So I'm going to get that private pilot's license before I die! Thanks Rachel for the adventure!

26. Kiss someone on New Years Eve midnight TURNED INTO Float the Logan Canal at Midnight

So I didn't manage to kiss anyone on New Year'e Eve because it was my brother's wedding in WA and although I was in Seattle that day, and did try to find a suitable man to kiss, that evening I barely made it to midnight before crashing at a cabin on Orcas Island where the family stayed for a few days after the wedding. So, I was going to substitute becoming a TRUE AGGIE for this one on June 4th, but that night turned into a float down the Logan Canal at midnight. And since they all had to be done at midnight, I've determined that it counted. This was also an adventure with Dave Cook. I was so glad that he was in an adventurous mood that night because it had to be one of the coolest things I have done in Logan in the four years I have been there! Plus it was my final way of sticking it to the city after they fenced off the entrance of the canal because the Logan Country Golf Club doesn't want anyone floating through their precious golf course. Well, I say it is TRADITION! And a classic summer pass time! I'm glad I got to do it one last time!

14. Have a country picnic

This one I have to attribute to the kindness of my good friend Josie! June 2nd was the beginning of an epic week and a lot of play time with Josie, which is part of what made it so much fun! I ran the Cache Vally Super Sprint Triathlon in the morning and Josie came out to see me finish even though she was on a date! Then she put the whole picnic together. She knew I wanted a classic country picnic and that is what we got! It was out in the middle of Cache Valley at her father's property in Amalga. Right next to the river and with tall flowing grass. We had fried chicken, corn on the cob and just about anything else you would imagine at a great picnic. I had wanted to have a shotgun shooting contest and it ended up dominating a good portion of the evening. The contest took so long because there were four of us that just couldn't miss! We had to change the game up a few times to try and increase the challenge so someone would miss. In the end, Michael Hansen won. But I just have to insert a disclaimer here. I only missed because I wasn't using my own gun, and to add to it, I was using a short barrel shotgun that I had shot only three rounds from. But no excuses, Michael was the better gun that night! Thank you to all the great friends who came to enjoy perhaps the most epic picnic ever!

 Oh and I got to finally learn how to shoot a compound bow that night!
Great friends are an amazing treasure!

8. Test Drive a New Car

This was pretty cool the way this worked out. So on April 28th I flew to Tucson, AZ to interview for a possible new job at a residential treatment center for boys running their equine program. I flew in early in the afternoon and decided to rent a car for the day so I could get around the city and have a better feel for things if I decided to move there. Well, I rented a brand new 2012 Ford Fusion with all the bells and whistles! So I not only got to drive one, I got to drive it for 24 hours and it was pretty fun! Great power and a good looker and all, but I think my favorite part was the A/C!